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Boiler Tube Cleaning & Chemical Cleaning

Thompson Industrial Services is a national leader in developing more effective methods for boiler tube cleaning. With state-of-the-art equipment and practices perfected by our expert researchers, our highly skilled and thoroughly trained technicians provide unprecedented service for our boiler chemical cleaning and hydroblasting clients. These new methods outperform traditional boiler tube cleaning practices in terms of safety, efficiency, precision, and cost, representing a valuable opportunity for our clients to keep their essential units running at the highest possible level of performance.

The centerpiece of our revolutionary approach to boiler tube cleaning is our automated technology. Instead of manipulating lances and other hydroblasting equipment by hand, our technicians remotely control automated positioners that are able to manipulate multiple water blasters at one time. This saves a significant amount of time when cleaning many boiler tubes, as does our hydroblasting equipment’s ability to spray in both directions during cleaning of a single tube. We use specially designed software to verify that every boiler tube in a bundle is addressed, ensuring a complete cleaning and maximum efficiency for the system’s subsequent operation.

Common Boiler Chemical Cleaning Problems

A common problem facing boiler chemical cleaning technicians is that of warped or bent boiler tubes. Traditional rigid lances are only able to partially clean tubes that are not straight for their entire length, while our automated equipment uses flexible lances capable of 100% cleaning of even bent tubes.

Boiler tubes with limited access present a serious obstacle to boiler tube cleaning by hand. Because our automated method does not require technicians to enter confined spaces, our teams do not need to obtain permits, conserving additional time for the overall job.

Boiler Chemical Cleaning Experts

The technicians at Thompson Industrial Services perform boiler tube cleaning and other services at facilities throughout the United States on a year-round basis. Our experts are ready to provide industry-leading maintenance and emergency cleaning services for your equipment; email or call us today to learn more.

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