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Industrial Chemical Cleaning - Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Fine-tuned by over 340 years of combined, professional experience, we perform every facet of industrial chemical cleaning and maintenance.

Dedicated Division of Career Chemical Cleaners

Our highly qualified team of experts use various chemicals to remove unwanted deposits that adversely affect the performance of equipment and the production process. Boiler chemical cleaning is a core compentency for our chemical cleaning division.

Each Job is Unique

Our engineers develop a comprehensive plan for each job that defines chemical mixtures, equipment, staffing, ongoing monitoring, and testing.

Chemical Cleaning Expertise

  • Oxygen Systems
  • Utility Boiler Cleaning
  • Evaporators
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Digesters
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Tank and Reactors Cleaning
  • Power Boiler Chemical Cleaning
  • Recovery Boiler Chemical Cleaning
  • Pipe Cleaning: Scale and Product
  • Pre-Operational Cleaning and Flushing
  • Degreasing, Pickling, and Passivation
  • Ultra Clean Applications - Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food


  • Filtration Units
  • 100 HP Boiler
  • Electrical Pumps
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Tank Trailers
  • SS Mixing Tanks
  • Electrical and
    Diesel Pumps
  • Mobile Lab Equipped With Atomic Absorption Unit
  • Specially Designed Chemical Handling Equipment
  • Skid Units Assembled With Heat Exchangers, Filter Housings,

Industrial Chemical Cleaning Capabilities

Using powerful solutions for industrial chemical cleaning on site rather than disassembling and transporting equipment saves money and time for our clients. Our project managers carefully plan chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, condenser tubes, and other equipment, identifying any potential risks and taking all safety precautions necessary to address them.

Our industrial chemical cleaning methods are suitable for the efficient, thorough, and safe accomplishing of these and many other essential tasks:

  • Removing contaminants, including mineral deposits and toxic gases, from industrial equipment
  • Preparing new equipment for safe operation
  • Adjusting pH balance of chemical solutions

Contact us by email or phone to learn more about chemical cleaning for heat exchangers and other complex industrial equipment.

Our goal is to minimize your company’s downtime and to achieve work safety and cost efficiency.

Our goal is to minimize your company’s downtime and to achieve work safely and cost efficiently.

“Thanks for the good work that Keith, Gary and the rest of the Thompson Team provided. We probably will not clean a digester next year, but will likely do one each year after that. Any notes that Thompson has including ideas to improve (though I believe the acid cleaning was very successful) would be appreciated.”

— Area Process Manager, Papermill

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