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Combustible Dust Remediation with Encapsulating Foam

Our specialized and enhanced DEFA foaming process can safely remove combustible, explosive and fugitive dust.

The Process

The Dust Encapsulating Foaming Agent (DEFA) process delivers a high-pressure stream of dry content to hard to reach walls and ceilings of industrial plants and coals facilities. After it’s applied, the DEFA foam travels down the wall from the ceiling, girders and framework and attracts dust like a magnet. It then carries the dust deposits directly to the floor. After the foam dissipates, it is swept away.

Ideal for Coal Dust

DEFA is ideal for cleaning any kind of coal dust, especially PRB coal from western regions, which can be very explosive. Routine cleaning around volatile coal dust areas is an important safety precaution and provides peace of mind to your company and employees. Safely and cost-effectively mitigate dust to comply with NFPA and OSHA regulations and directives.

The Reach

The DEFA foaming process offers a remarkable spray range. Assuming the unit is positioned in the middle of the cleaning area, 200 lineal feet of area is reached without moving the unit. Should the unit need to be re-positioned, it is portable and on pneumatic wheels.

Benefits of Dust Removal with Foam

  • Portable and Ultra Efficient
  • NFPA and OSHA Compliant
  • Safely Removes Combustible, Explosive and Fugitive Dust
  • Reaches High/Remote Areas of Removal

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