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FINFOAM - Heat Exchanger (Dirty Fin Fan) Cleaning

FINFOAM, our eco-friendly cleaning solution, renews heat exchanger coils to return equipment to peak performance and improve energy efficiency.

Cleaning Evaluation

At Thompson Industrial Services, we plan a safe and effective cleaning plan prior to beginning the process, from evaluating your equipment to determining the cleaning mixture required.

Procedure Setup

Our team works with your company to set up the equipment and prepare the area. This process includes locking out the fans prior to the procedure and protecting fan motors from excess water.

FINFOAM Application

The environmentally safe foam mixture is then sprayed by our technicians, thoroughly coating dirty fin fans. The foam saturates and expands to completely cover all surface areas. The dirt and debris is broken down and gently removed from the fin coil surface.

Final Rinse

The last step is to remove the remaining cleaning agent and debris with a low-pressure water rinse. The wastewater and debris are collected and disposed safely and easily per your safety standards.

FINFOAM Cleaning Benefits

  • Removes Dirt, Debris & Corrosive Elements from Fin Fans
  • Creates More Energy Efficiency, Saving You Money
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Extends the Life of Your Equipment
  • pH-Balanced Formula Safely Cleans
  • Units Can Remain Online during Cleaning

“... A total of 310 fans were cleaned and all the work was done safely and without the slightest incident. Since our fans were pretty dirty prior to cleaning, we saw a substantial benefit from the work you did. In fact, our calculations show that the cleaning paid out in less than a month!“

— Larry Johnson, A Southeast Refinery

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