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In-Situ SCR Catalyst Cleaning

We offer a solution to safely clear catalysts of potentially harmful contaminates that cannot be reached by traditional methods.

Patent-Pending Technology

Our proprietary method vacuums and blows within a containment from above the catalyst while vibrating the catalyst layers from the bottom, safely cleaning catalysts of potentially harmful contaminates by removing fly ash that cannot be reached by traditional methods. The catalyst does not have to be removed from the unit and the process prolongs catalyst life.

Clears Your Unique Plugging Issue

Whether you are dealing with flyash, popcorn, or MgO plugging, results continually show the catalyst to be effectively cleared of chemical and physical deactivation substances, a decrease in pressure drop, increase in reaction surface, decrease in ammonia slip and increased plant efficiency.

Recommended by Regeneration Companies

Regeneration companies recommend this method be used to clean the catalyst before the modules are sent out for regeneration.

  • It is the most effective method to prevent flyash release during highway transportation per EPA guidelines.
  • Cleaning prevents moisture from accumulating in the plugged modules during transportation, which leads to hardening.
  • It can reduce regeneration cost due to the prior cleaning.

Results of In-Situ SCR Catalyst Cleaning

  • Decrease in Pressure Drop
  • Increase in Reaction Surface
  • Decrease in Ammonia Slip
  • Increase in Plant Efficiency
  • Reduced catalyst poisoning
  • Reduced Risk of Boiler Shutdown
  • Cleared of chemical & physical deactivation substances

Catalyst after our In-Situ cleaning.

Catalyst after our In-Situ cleaning.

“Major improvement was noted in all catalyst layers, especially in layers 1 and 2. Thompson’s method reduced the plugging in layers 1 and 2 around 50%…”

— Mechanical Engineer, Power Plant

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