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Hydro-Vacuum & Pneumatic Excavation Technology

We provide state-of-the-art technology to solve a multitude of complex excavation problems.

Safe Digging

Excavation work requires “safe digging” practices. Our technology redefines safety expectations when performing critical and sensitive excavation work. Unlike conventional methods, this process allows us to safely deal with known and unknown subsurface infrastructures.


Hydro-Vacuum & Pneumatic Excavation technology uses pressurized compressed air (pneumatic) and/or water (hydro) agitation to loosen and remove soils. Debris and materials are collected using vacuum equipment, maintaining a nearly dust-free operation.

Safe Procedures

Our Hydro-Vacuum & Pneumatic Excavation technology is very efficient and precise for locating underground utilities, piping systems, fiber optic or telecommunication cables, and other sensitive components. Our procedures result in less fear of damage, possible service disruptions, and costly repair.

Case Study

A customer needed to install underground fiber optic cables for a crucial auxiliary power source. The work area was severely congested and contained sensitive utility components. Conventional excavation methods were not an option. Worker safety and damage or disruption to critical underground utilities was of paramount concern.

We assembled the necessary tooling, equipment, and expertise to safely perform pneumatic-vacuum excavation and trenching.

The hydo vacuum excavation work was performed safely and efficiently. Not a single underground utility component was disrupted, and there were no safety-related issues with this process.

Our pneumatic & hypro-vacuum digging practices are perfect for critical and sensitive excavation work.

Our pneumatic- & hydro-vacuum excavation practices are perfect for critical and sensitive excavation work.

Featured in Energized

Our innovative Pneumatic & Hydro-Vacuum Excavation service has been featured on page 26 in Energized magazine.


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