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Why Choose Us?

Few can match our commitment to safety and professional experience. We offer the broadest line of cleaning services, with specialized equipment, technology and personnel.


As a part of our “Zero Incident” safety culture, we implement safety performance measures and benchmark our productivity utilizing these measures. We have a strong reputation in the industry for safety over our 27 years of existence.

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We prize high quality work. Thompson holds ourselves to the highest standards of accountability by benchmarking our performance and productivity through performance assessment, estimating and completion reviews, quality assessments, and quantitative performance measures.

We concentrate on the details of the job at hand, while keeping an eye on the big picture and our fit with you as being a contributing part of your business for the long term.


We’re dedicated to maximizing efficiency through our cost reporting. We generate many specialized reports like labor cost per area by month or year, equipment charges per area by month or year, hours per job, or equipment hours per area. We accomplish savings through our Cost Reduction Program that our Site Coordinator manages.


Every job matters. One of our core values is our strong business ethics and integrity. We utilize accountability standards through reporting actual vs benchmark –(per job, month, area).

We utilize quantitative performance measures that safeguard our integrity, including: total cleaning time, personnel ratios, job timing (OT or ST), equipment usage and material usage. The bottom line: We do what we say we will do.

Mobile Training Module

Our “Mobile Training Module” was recognized as one of the “Twenty-Five Top Pioneering Achievements” in our industry. Our safety training is second to none.

We are your single-source provider for all your industrial cleaning requirements.

We are your single-source provider for all your industrial cleaning requirements.

“[Thompson Industrial Services] is responsive to our requests. Your staff & equipment generally outperforms ours 3 to 1.”

Manager, Resin & Chemical Company

Dedicated to Safety

We’ve cultivated a reputation for superior safety training.

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Put our expertise and experience to work for you.

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Comprehensive Services

We’re your single-source provider for all your industrial cleaning needs.

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