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Our Industrial Services: Variety and Power

People are often surprised to discover how many different industrial services we offer to our clients here at Thompson. A look through our website will show just how broad our spectrum of services is, ranging from safe excavation in preparation

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Outage Management: Three Success Stories

Recently, we’ve been using our blog to highlight various stages in our Complete Lifecycle Solutions. These solutions make us a single source for industrial facilities that need expert, safe, and efficient services from construction all the way through decommissioning. Outage

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Remotely controlling equipment

The First Layer of Protection

Last month on our blog, we introduced you to our SIF prevention program. “SIF” stands for “serious injury and fatality,” which must be everyone’s number one mission to prevent.  Our prevention program spans all departments and all levels of management

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Driving Safety with Data

Most industries you can think of have been invaded by a single buzzword: “big data.” In an incredible range of different applications, technology has made it possible for computers to compile, organize, and present huge amounts of information quickly, in

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