Thompson Industrial Services’ COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

October 20, 2020

As COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life, including business operations, our industries must find a way to overcome the resultant complications. To support this effort, Thompson Industrial Services immediately developed coronavirus disinfecting services for our clients within days of it being declared a global pandemic.  All 20 of our branch locations have full capabilities to provide these services, with over 350 team members trained and certified to comply with CDC disinfection and pathogen prevention guidelines, utilizing EPA certified disinfecting products.

Experience to Meet All of Your Needs

Thompson’s core business has been providing industrial cleaning services for over 30 years, focused on pulp and paper, power generation, steel production, and petrochemical operations. Thompson has the capacity, knowledge, and experience to perform a wide variety of applications in these markets, including general vacuuming and hydroblasting, high volume cleaning, Ultra High Pressure (UHP) blasting services, and chemical cleaning and flushing.

This experience has positioned Thompson in a unique position for our new disinfecting services, as we have the capacity to meet the needs of large, industrial clients. We have provided thorough sanitization services for clients whose space ranges from 1,200 square feet to 650,000 square feet.  Our history of responding quickly to emergency situations allows us the ability to immediately service our clients in the case of a known coronavirus exposure.

COVID-19 disinfecting services
TIS provides thorough and safe COVID-19 disinfecting services

Transition to Coronavirus Disinfection

At Thompson, we understand the need for disinfection to meet hygiene and personnel safety needs. Thus, we have adapted our services to go beyond standard industrial cleaning. Starting in early March, we have been disinfecting businesses that have had known and suspected COVID-19 cases,

Our preventing disinfecting serves geared toward commercial clients is ideal for any business that wants to ensure it is protecting its employees and customers.  This is a critical function for businesses who are preparing to fully re-open after the various closures and lockdowns.

Our transition into disinfecting services has allowed us to expand our services to those who may not have required our core cleaning applications.  For example, we have provided disinfecting for the following types of locations:

  • Churches
  • Gyms
  • Retail facilities and restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Automotive manufacturing facilities
  • Schools and Government Offices,

No application is too large or too small for Thompson Industrial Services.

Description of Disinfecting Services

We use disinfectant products that are registered by the EPA and have been qualified to use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. What’s more, our staff has undergone thorough training to use these products in various applications. Thompson Industrial can perform electrostatic fogging, standard fogging, and spray & wipe applications.

No matter the area, our procedures are safe. Fogging has been proven safe to use around sensitive electronics such as control rooms and electrical rooms.

To effectively disinfect businesses, our response team has a thorough procedure to follow. This includes an initial assessment to create a decontamination plan.  From there, the team will disinfect all surfaces using procedures that comply with CDC and OSHA guidelines.

Upon completion of the decontamination plan, the team will properly package and dispose of all waste to comply with regulatory agencies.

All our services are thorough, efficient, safe, and timely. Patrons and employees can safely reenter the premises between 30 minutes and one hour after the completion.

Thompson Industrial as Your Coronavirus Disinfection Partner

If you’re unsure where to begin with disinfecting services, let us help. We have thoroughly trained our employees in Pathogen Prevention Plans to ensure we can slow the spread of COVID-19 through disinfection and decontamination services, utilizing 4 levels of service.

Level 1 corresponds to businesses who want a sanitization crew on standby, so they can disinfect whenever deemed necessary.

Level 2 is precautionary—businesses and industries who don’t have any cases, but they want daily disinfection during non-business hours to reduce the risk of downtime.

Level 3 is for those who have had a suspected exposure to the virus. Thompson will provide basic COVID-19 disinfection services.

Level 4 meets the needs of businesses that have confirmed cases and exposure. Thompson will create a custom plan with specific protocols to properly sanitize and decontaminate the site.

The Bottom Line

Thompson Industrial Services has decades of experience in providing industrial cleaning services. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have adjusted our services to provide coronavirus disinfecting to businesses in all industries. If your business needs an expert sanitizing service provider, look no further. Reach out to create a custom Pandemic Emergency Plan. Give us a call at 803-934-0138.

HRSG Cleaning with EPIC(™) Technology: A Safe, Proven Cost-Effective Solution

September 21, 2020

Maximize HRSG Efficiency & Performance While Cutting Operating Costs

When you want to ensure your HRSG unit is running efficiently, it occasionally needs to be off-line cleaned professionally and thoroughly. An exceptionally effective and safe technique incorporates targeted pressure wave impulse technology applied at Mach- 5 speed utilizing EPIC (Extraction Pressure Impulse Cleaner) technology.

This patented process has been developed and perfected for HRSGs after 14 years of success and experience with it’s on-line counterpart, including on HRSGs and up to 900 Mw boilers. EPIC’s technology and its unique remote-controlled navigation positioning equipment directly focuses localized energy into the finned tube bundles to ensure its deep, penetrating and 360 degree effectiveness reaches and cleans all the crucial heat transfer surfaces without superfluous indiscriminate blasting or explosions to non-essential components or structures.

When the EPIC process is utilized for your HRSG cleaning needs, you’ll be rewarded with reduced CT back pressure, fuel costs and exit stack temperatures as well as overall increased efficiency, and much more.

Not Optimizing HRSGs’ Performance Can Be Costly

When your plant’s HRSG unit is effectively cleaned, it will restore performance that was previously lost because insulating deposits increased the CT backpressure (thus output) and increased fuel consumption. This backpressure is most frequently the result of deposits that gradually build up and affix themselves to the close-tolerance finned tubes during HRSG operation, which is standard, particularly after 5-15 years of operation. Oftentimes, DP recovery can be 3-6”, which can yield a payback in 2-4 months of operation. However, without proper cleaning, HRSG units can experience increased back pressure resulting in the overall heat rate worsening and loss of efficiency, which may even cause de-rating in peak demand periods.

Factors Leading to High Operating Costs

  • Lack of optimum cleanliness of crucial heat transfer surfaces
  • Increased CT back pressure/decreased generation because of excessive deposits
  • Lower feedwater exit temperatures necessitating additional fuel to compensate for same
  • Wasting Btu’s going up the stack rather efficient convection-transfer to the ID of tubes
  • Requiring excessively more outage duration to attempt cleaning by other methods rather than getting back on-line quicker
  • Increased fuel costs due to otherwise unnecessary use of duct burners or excessive firing
  • Due to the expense of certain other methods, cleaning intervals may be excessively delayed and/or less than the optimum quantity of harp bundles are cleaned during a project

EPIC Cleaning System

The Extraction Pressure Impulse Cleaner is a state-of-the-art cleaning technology invented and patented by PowerPlus Cleaning Systems with Thompson Industrial Services as the exclusive provider of the service. The technology is based on a process originally patented by GE (but now owned by PowerPlus Cleaning Systems) and is used for off-line cleaning of HRSG units. This system has passed the test of time for both on-line boiler-cleaning— with nearly 14 years of use— and off-line cleaning in more recent times.

EPIC Overview

The EPIC pressure wave system was designed to improve current HRSG cleaning methods and do so safely and quite effectively without damage or stretching to any combined cycle components. Although various HRSG cleaning systems exist, all had their flaws, and none can now reach the same standards and controls set by EPIC. This proprietary technology removes deposits that have built up and are lodged deep into the harp’s finned tube bundles.

How EPIC Works

The EPIC system incorporates a special device called IMPULSE(R) (internationally patented), to deliver high-pressure (<40 PSI) cleaning pulses focused and targeted circumferentially to just the troublesome heat transfer surfaces. Essentially, the system uses air shockwaves that penetrate the tube banks to dislodge (i.e. “extract”) foreign deposits. The overall cleaning system is remotely controlled by a navigation system outside of the HRSG unit in Thompson’s mobile command center. The personnel navigating the cleaning system can maneuver the system in nearly all directions to avoid obstructions, and place the system in the correct spot to clean the finned tubes and free them of the insulating deposits.


The Benefits of Using EPIC

  • Deep, thorough 360-degree cleaning of the critical tubes and fins
  • Zero damage done on any parts, components, welds, expansion joints or instruments
  • No shock or superfluous, indiscriminate blast impact to the rest of the HRSG unit
  • Highly technologically advanced; 6 camera views from command center; remote bundle differential pressure monitoring; multiple fail-safe features; borescope videoing before and after and more
  • Personnel are totally remote from the operating system
  • No scaffolding required
  • Reduced downtime for cleaning
  • Reduced combustion turbine back pressure
  • Improved heat transfer efficiency/decrease stack temperature
  • Overall financial gain
  • Optional drone inspections of HRSG and SCR

Case Study

A case study performed at a large combined cycle plant in Florida examined the benefits of EPIC technology on a Nooter/Eriksen HRSG unit. What the study found was astonishing. After a thorough cleaning with the EPIC technology, the HRSG unit experienced a decrease in CT backpressure by 4 inches of the water column. This correlated to a decrease in heat rate by 0.5 MMBtu/MWh. These impressive results yielded a payback in 1,000 full-load hours in payback, which equated to roughly $600,000 per year in this instance.


Every business in every industry should be planning for the future. To do so, they must all look to the newest technology, so they can compete and excel. For combined cycle plants, that means looking towards EPIC technology. With proven results, EPIC technology offers everything a combined cycle plant could target for; improved cleaning, safety, decreased downtime, zero damage, and an optimized HRSG unit.

If you want to improve the efficiency of your HRSG unit while saving money, request a consultation with Thompson Industrial Services to find out more about implementing Thompson’s EPIC technology and service at your plant.

COVID-19 Mitigation: Disinfection + Sanitization Services

August 17, 2020

COVID-19 has shaken the roots of every conceivable industry, business, and household around the globe. Our economy has suffered while we have been forced to retreat away and indoors. However, mitigation efforts make it possible for a slow comeback as schools, government, industry and businesses begin to reopen. Preparation for things to resume as it once was requires us to prepare, function and operate under a new norm. It’s vital that areas where human contact connects with environments that they be clean and free from COVID-19. This is where professional coronavirus disinfecting services come in!

professional coronavirus disinfecting services

Mitigation Is a Necessity During COVID-19

The hazards of contracting COVID-19 is a reality, regardless of where you go. Employers are to provide their employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Failing to provide such results in considerable liability on your part.

OSHA’s Act of 1970 (Public Law 91-596) requires employers to provide employees a “safe and healthful” working environment free from hazards that incur death or serious harm to health. OSHA reserves the right to enter a facility for inspection and/or investigation of conditions. Employers in breach of the Act of 1970 face violations resulting in a citation.

We have embraced the necessary changes to protect our employees. Measures to prevent infection while servicing contaminated environments is something we take seriously.

Thompson’s Approach to Ensuring Your Safety and Ours

Maintaining personnel safety while providing superior quality in services is a priority at Thompson Industrial Services. Both must go hand-in-hand to ensure every job is performed efficiently, safely, per government guidelines and with your best interest at heart. Training is an ever-evolving part of the industry. We incorporate cutting state-of-the-art technology and innovations with our disinfecting and sanitizing practices to remove COVID-19 from an environment.

We have a team of hundreds of professionals who are on call 24/7/365 standby for on-demand emergency services. Places such as schools, childcare, and healthcare facilities come with unexpected contamination from positive COVID cases. In these situations, our team is ready to deploy and treat all affected areas to provide you, your employees, students, or visitors a healthier environment.

Our Safety Track Record Speaks for Itself

Thompson Industrial Services has a proven track record of safety measures and initiatives in place that protects our employees. Over the past year, our total recordable incident rate (0.3) was at its lowest in history. Currently, we have passed a 6-month marker as incident-free, which is something we are quite proud of. This is due to the adoption of measures to reduce risk through automation, such as water blasting. The risk reduction initiatives also include vehicle safety. Adherence to strict driving policies is enforced through GeoTab vehicle tracking, a DriveCam weekly review, and driver training for equipment.

Layers of Protection

OSHA developed a “layer” system by which COVID-19 should be approached in prevention, disinfection, and sanitization. We strictly adhere to this “layer” system to employ attacks on COVID-19 “hot” environments.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wear protective face masks, eyewear, gloves, and/or gowns for the appropriate environment. Every one of our team members wear hazard-specific PPE to perform our job effectively while preventing any compromise to our respiratory system, skin, or eyes.

Administrative Controls

We have implemented the below controls while also suggesting them to our customers.

  • Developing a preparedness/response plan for COVID-19 is recommended.
  • Implementation of preventative measures should be put in place through training, memos, etc. Encouraging hand washing, disinfecting work surfaces, and sneeze/cough etiquette.

Be sure your employees have access to hand soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and waste cans. Insist if they are sick to stay home.


Behavior and Human Performance

We encourage our employees to be proactive in monitoring themselves for any signs/symptoms of COVID-19. We strive to create this awareness among everyone. The appropriate measures are in place for screening every individual under our employ.

  • Monitor employees for compliance in preventative measures.
  • ID those who are sick, isolate if appropriate, or send them home.
  • Enforce screening measures such as questionnaires and temperature checks.

Engineering Controls and Automation

Below are a few things that you might consider implementing in your area.

  • Such things as barriers are used to protect employees who are unable to socially distance themselves from others (retail, public transportation, food/beverage drive-throughs, check-in desks at hotels, etc.)
  • Better ventilation with filters or negative airflow should be installed.
  • Enforce social distancing through markers on floors, seating, number of people allowed in, etc.
  • Encourage telecommuting or a flexible work schedule.

A great example of automation includes how we provide a snapshot of a job with digital images we take. Front-line leaders go out and take pictures of jobs. These pictures are then brought back to the office, where our automation team discusses what we can do to get the job done. It may require us to engineer special equipment.

Elimination of Hazard

This is what our business is all about!

  • Disinfection and sanitizing of all contaminated surfaces and areas.
  • Closure of facility/business.


New Protocols Require New Measures of Disinfecting

The days of using an all-purpose cleaner and paper towels to clean surfaces are gone. Because of COVID-19, the whole way we clean has been turned upside down. We almost have to take a systematic approach to cleaning to ensure we have adequately removed the potential of infection. COVID-19 has no preference, when it comes to surfaces.

Commercial and Industrial Mitigation

Disinfecting and sanitizing is required for businesses and schools to reopen. We specialize in cleaning all areas (including contaminated) where an environment has hard or soft surfaces. Our experts are skilled in using the appropriate equipment and chemicals to eradicate COVID-19 in an environment. All cleaning solutions we use are EPA registered.

We service:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Workplaces
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Vehicle fleets
  • Public transportation
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Childcare facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Churches
  • Public Safety facilities
  • Correctional/Detention facilities
  • Food Industries
  • Critical Governmental Infrastructures

Why Choose Thompson Industrial Services?

You have peace of mind in selecting us to disinfect and sanitize your environment for COVID-19. Every professional on our team is an expert in industrial cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization.

We will work closely with you to develop a plan of disinfecting/sanitizing based on your specific needs. Follow up routine cleaning can be done as needed to ensure you have an ongoing barrier of protection against COVID-19.


As COVID-19 regains momentum as schools and businesses reopen, the need for disinfecting and sanitizing will increase once again. Include our services as part of your preparedness and response plan.

A few of our other services include:

  • Dustless cleaning through our wet/dry vacuuming for removal of mucky sludge that conventional methods won’t even touch!
  • Cryogenic cleaning for machinery with dry ice blasting.
  • High-pressure advanced water jet cleaning with hydro blasting.

Give us a call at 803-934-0138 today.

EPIC HRSG Off-line Cleaning Case Study

July 31, 2020

In the spring of 2020, Thompson Industrial Services deployed the cutting-edge EPIC™ Extraction Pressure Impulse Cleaner on a Nooter/Eriksen HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) in a large combined cycle plant in Central Florida. This massive unit consists of six separate finned tube bundles 65 feet high by 32 feet across.

The result?

The combustion turbine backpressure was reduced by 4 inches of water column, resulting in a 41-day payback for the client due to increased efficiency and reduced fuel costs.

How Does It Work?

The revolutionary EPIC Extraction Pressure Impulse Cleaner derives its power from its ability to give a highly targeted 360° deep cleaning of only those tubes that have the kind of deposits that severely interfere with operational effectiveness.

The EPIC technology is so precisely focused, it doesn’t affect parts that don’t need to be cleaned. This minimizes mechanical fatigue, making components last significantly longer.

The technology involves generating IMPULSE® pressure waves within a 3-inch system chamber. Then, it directs these waves into areas of the HRSG where deposits have collected so that they can be removed. These shockwaves create a deep and encompassing cleaning energy, dislodging deposits with impressive effectiveness.

This improves combustion turbine backpressure, which in turn restores heat transfer efficiency. The process is done remotely to ensure the safety of technicians.  Real-time observation of the work is done using six system cameras monitored within the command center. This monitoring is enhanced with borescopes so that backpressure reduction can be continuously assessed.

Workers can watch the work on a large screen that gives them real-time feedback on how well the pressure waves carry out their intended job.

If a company wants to get the most comprehensive view of the results, they can opt to have a drone fly through the unit to look at the cleaning’s overall effectiveness.

The Mission

The Thompson Industrial Services team was tasked with removing deposits from the harp tubes on the inlet side of the HP Economizer #2 to the downstream side of the FW Heater #1 bundle. These deposits restrict gas flow and prevent heat transfer in areas where it’s needed.

The Work

The EPIC Extraction Pressure Impulse Cleaner successfully dislodged the deposits on the finned tubes of the HRSG. The crew worked tirelessly for five days to complete the work. This included setting up the equipment, vacuuming up the enormous amounts of debris the HRSG had accumulated, and dismantling the system once everything was done.

The plant managers and personnel were ecstatic once they pored over the data. That’s because the intensive cleaning of the HRSG resulted in massive improvements in operational performance. Backpressure was reduced by 4 inches, which decreased the heat rate by 0.5 MMBtu/MWh.

The Operations Manager even said:
“EPIC is the way to go to clean our HRSGs, and we’ll use it again in the spring for our next one.”

If you use EPIC Extraction Pressure Impulse Cleaner in your own facility, you could see similar results. What’s more, you don’t have to put scaffolding up, saving you time and money.

Read the full case study here to learn more about how these impressive results were achieved safely.

Pressure Impulse Cleaner

What We Can Do for You

Thompson Industrial Services has been providing safe and reliable industrial cleaning services for almost three decades.  You can count on us for all your industrial cleaning needs. Here are a few things we offer:

Our technicians are highly trained, consummate professionals. They have what it takes to carry out a job at the highest possible level.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring that every cleaning project—from initial conception through scheduling and completion—is done to your complete satisfaction. We go beyond conventional cleaning to offer industry-leading solutions for your specific challenges. So, our services can be as unique as your business is.

Call us today at 800-849-8040 to see how our EPIC™ HRSG Off-line Cleaning can increase your business’s operational efficiency!






Reopen Safely with Thompson Industrial Services Commercial Disinfection

June 29, 2020

For more than three decades, Thompson Industrial Services has provided advanced industrial cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services throughout the United States. We share in your commitment to health and safety, especially during serious viral outbreaks, like COVID-19.

In response to the new CDC and OSHA guidelines specifically related to Opening Up America Again, we have developed new, customized lines of Commercial Disinfection and Industrial Disinfection services.

Partner with Thompson Industrial Services today to ensure peace of mind with a safer, cleaner environment for returning employees and customers.

What sets Thompson Industrial Services apart from other COVID cleaning companies?

Our highly trained teams follow CDC and OSHA guidelines as your trusted disinfection partner in creating a safer, cleaner environment for returning employees and customers. In fact, we’ve developed new, COVID-specific training programs that prepare our employees to work in potentially dangerous, COVID-exposed areas with minimal risk and maximum results. The CDC recently published Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes that we used as an anchor in developing our training, as well as our various levels of cleaning and disinfecting services.

What do the new commercial and industrial disinfection service plans include?

While safety and budgets have always been forefront in priorities at most businesses and facilities, they are bigger concerns than ever before going into these national reopening phases. As a local business with national reach ourselves, we understand the impact of large-scale changes on operations and staffing.

That’s why we provide the following tailored solutions to serve all of our clients’ varying budgets and levels of service needs.

Commercial Disinfection:

This plan offers customized scheduling on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis including a thorough wipe down of all hard surfaces using a CDC-approved bleach solution certified to kill bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus). The CDC’s reopening procedures emphasizes that it is crucial to have a disinfecting plan when you reopen for business. This includes determining the level and frequency of service and revising this plan as the pandemic circumstances in your area continue to change.

Partnering with Thompson allows you to take the guesswork out of establishing a disinfecting plan and keeping it up-to-date with the changing environment and your unique business needs.

Add on services include vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and on-site waste removal compliant with regulatory agencies.

Industrial Disinfection:

If your building has a positive COVID-19 case or your facility is a large industrial space, then our industrial/emergency response disinfection service is your ideal option. Our pathogen-trained response team is prepared to help you combat the current COVID-19 threat through proper disinfecting/sanitizing services, including using EPA-registered products qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19. According to the CDC, “Each product has been shown to be effective against viruses that are harder to kill than viruses like the one that causes COVID-19.” Thompson Industrial services uses these products in innovative ways that can be applied by fog, mist foam or spray to disinfect all touchable surfaces, including all door handles, computer monitors, keyboards, desks, desk chairs, public seating areas, handrails, copiers and printers, production equipment, touch screens, etc. The fog and mist spray are ideal if your facility has hard-to-reach areas or large open spaces requiring disinfection.

Additionally, our procedures are consistent with CDC and OSHA guidelines and also include proper packaging and disposal of waste in compliance with regulatory agencies.

If you aren’t sure which level of service you need, check out the table below, use this form to answer a few quick questions to receive more information or call us at 803-934-0138. We are happy to help you choose the option that will serve you best.


Thompson Industrial Services offers flexible-term contract commitments

We understand that each facility and workplace is different and therefore requires different levels of cleaning, disinfecting, and janitorial services, as well as varying/flexible schedules that optimize safety while minimizing downtime.

Our service options are fully customizable and include:

  • Daily, weekly or monthly services.
  • Flexible-term contract commitments to suit your needs, including
    • monthly
    • quarterly
    • semi-annual
    • annual

As always, we will continue to offer emergency response for buildings and facilities with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases.

Who does Thompson Industrial Services provide industrial and commercial cleaning services to?

We have always served a wide variety of industries, including pulp and paper; power generation; metals, alloys, and mining; oil and gas, and many others. However, the current pandemic doesn’t choose markets. In addition to industrial facilities, we are now offering our commercial and industrial cleaning and disinfecting services to

  • office buildings
  • churches
  • gyms
  • retail spaces
  • restaurants
  • banks and financial offices
  • hardware businesses
  • postal and shipping
  • automotive
  • warehouses
  • government/military
  • daycares
  • schools and universities
  • and lots more

This list is certainly not exhaustive. If you have employees or customers and want to keep them safe and healthy, we have options that will serve your needs.

Thompson Industrial Services is your COVID-19 disinfection services partner

In its guidelines for reopening, the CDC included a Disinfection Decision Tool to aid businesses and facilities in determining what surfaces to clean and disinfect, as well as how often to do so. It’s a great tool to keep on hand, but the decision to partner with Thompson Industrial Services is the easier one to make. Take the guesswork out of what you need to do, and let us take care of the myriad of other decisions for you.

When it comes to keeping your facility running smoothly and safely, Thompson Industrial Services is the most effective, efficient option available. We put your priorities and schedule first, and we strive to decrease or avoid downtime all together. We have trained our staff over the years to provide service according to our core values: safety, quality, and integrity. This means you will see safe, thorough results with detailed reporting of quantitative performance measures. These measures are crucial when the health of your team and your customers is on the line.

Call us today at 803-934-0134 to implement this ongoing piece of your Pandemic Reopening Plan.

Thompson Industrial Services Is Your Trusted Coronavirus Disinfection Partner

April 3, 2020

Thompson is committed to helping our employees and clients stay safe and healthy during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. One key action your organization can take is partnering with a sanitizing/disinfecting services company for your facility to keep your people as safe and protected as possible.

What does Thompson Industrial do for Coronavirus cleaning?

When you partner with Thompson, you’ll have the safety and security of a fully trained response team helping you combat and slow the current COVID-19 threat through proper Coronavirus cleaningdisinfecting/sanitizing and decontamination services specifically regulated for this pandemic. We are also able to assist with disposal of any related biohazardous material as may be applicable.

Thompson only utilizes EPA-registered disinfectant products that have been qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel Coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The product can be fogged, misted or sprayed to thoroughly disinfect all touchable spaces by Thompson’s trained professionals.

This video demonstrates the thorough fogging method of cleaning and disinfecting of possibly contaminated areas that have been exposed to Coronavirus in your office.

Thompson offers customized levels of Corona cleaning and disinfecting

At Thompson Industrial, we understand that this pandemic has affected businesses in many ways, including income and budgeting. To address both the financial and the exposure elements of workplace cleaning and disinfecting, we are offering several levels of treatment.

Level 1: Client-specific reserved standby crew and resources

Affordable plans designed to guarantee response time with dedicated disinfection personnel and necessary resources.

Level 2: Precautionary

Ideal for industries and businesses with no known contamination that are seeking to maintain safe and sanitary environments for employees and visitors. Daily disinfection can be performed anytime including during off-hours to avoid production or business interruptions.

Level 3: Possible Exposure

Industrial, business or public work spaces with suspected exposure (i.e. a possibly infected person has been in the proximity) and requires detailed 10-foot down disinfection and deep-clean decontamination.

Level 4: Confirmed Exposure

Industrial, businesses or public work spaces with confirmed exposure to COVID-19 requires customized protocols specific to the site to ensure thorough and proper decontamination. TIS will work with client to develop a custom service that protects the health of their employees, visitors and others to mitigate impact to the operations or facility.

Whichever service level you require, our response team is trained and equipped to help you combat further spread and cross-contamination of the virus.

Call us today at 800-849-8040 to implement this crucial piece of your Pandemic Emergency Plan. Coronavirus Disinfecting Services

Implementing Disinfection Services as Crucial Part of Your Pandemic Emergency Plan

March 20, 2020

Our world has drastically changed over the last week with the global spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We share in your commitment to health and safety during this serious and unprecedented pandemic outbreak. Everyone’s priorities have completely shifted toward taking all necessary precautions to slow the spread of this virus and protect the health and safety of our families and fellow citizens. We are all in this together, and Thompson Industrial Services is fully dedicated to doing our part to protect those most vulnerable and prevent further spreading of the virus.

Fogging is a safe and efficient way to clean industrial spaces
Fogging is a safe and efficient way to clean industrial spaces with our specialized disinfection and sanitizing products.

What do we know?

As of May 22, 2020 there have been 5,232,431 reported cases of Coronavirus and 335,636 deaths. 1.623.352 of those cases were reported in the US, including 96,432 deaths1. The numbers are growing every day, and it is more important than ever to slow the spread of this virus. What we know from the CDC about the novel Coronavirus and similar Coronaviruses is that they are most frequently spread from person to person within about a 6-foot range through respiratory droplets2. However, transmission to persons from contaminated surfaces is also possible, and current evidence suggests that the novel Coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on these multiple surface types. The CDC explains, “cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.” We also know that there are several groups of people at higher risk, including older people and those with underlying health conditions. However, everyone is at risk and everyone’s activities can increase the risk for others, so it is critical that we all do our part to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

Foaming is another way our trained professionals use
Foaming is another way our trained professionals use our products to keep your facility and staff safe.

What can we do?

In a pamphlet from the White House, government officials have listed some important steps and precautions we should all take, including: 

  1. Follow the directions of your state and local authorities
  2. Contact your medical provider if you feel sick
  3. Social distancing of 6-feet, and avoid social gatherings or areas of over 10 people
  4. Avoid discretionary travel such as shopping – stay home whenever possible
  5. Work from home when and if possible
  6. Practice good hygiene as recommended by the CDC – frequent hand washing, avoid touching your face and disinfect commonly touched surfaces. Use this resource for guidance at work, school, and home, and this one for prevention tips
  7. Clean + disinfect using EPA-registered household disinfectants

Thompson has a fully trained response team prepared to combat and slow the current COVID-19 threat through proper Coronavirus ceaning, disinfecting/sanitizing and decontamination services specifically regulated for the current pandemic. We are also able to assist with disposal of any related biohazardous material. Related services including vacuuming, hydroblasting and dry ice cleaning are also available.

Thompson uses EPA-registered disinfectant products that have been qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel Coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The product can be fogged, misted or sprayed to thoroughly disinfect all touchable spaces.  

disinfection/sanitizing procedures
This environmental disinfection process includes specific disinfection/sanitizing procedures that should only be performed by trained professionals with proper safety gear.

This environmental disinfection process includes specific disinfection/sanitizing procedures that should only be performed by trained professionals. Our response team is trained to help you combat further spread and cross-contamination of the virus. We’ll provide:

  • Assessment + decontamination plan of area to be disinfected. 
  • Strict decontamination procedures consistent with CDC and OSHA guidelines. Use of Level C PPE including NIOSH approved full face respirators w/P-100 cartridges, Tyvek suits, layered gloves + more. 
  • Application of EPA-registered disinfectant per infection prevention + control protocols. 
  • Proper packaging + disposal of waste in compliance with regulatory agencies.

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Ultra-High Pressure Hydroblasting Cleans Up at Thompson Industrial

When most folks talk about high pressure cleaning, they are generally thinking about the portable pressure washers from the local home and garden supply store. They imagine the little guys that blast out water at about 5,000 psi max and are good for removing grime on the outside of a building or sidewalk.

Thompson Industrial Services offers that concept on a much grander scale with its ultra-high pressure cleaning services for industrial purposes.

Our highly customized and automated systems utilize water pressure up to 40,000 psi for safe and effective cleaning, surface prep, cutting, and demolition. The energy generated by our ultra-high pressure water jet exceeds the bonding energy of even the most adherent scales, coatings, or process contamination.

In less technical terms, that means the water blasts out of the nozzle so fast that it knocks off and cleans even the most stubborn of stuck-on debris. In fact, when needed, it can even cut through most materials!

Most importantly, UHP water blasting with Thompson Industrial Services reduces downtime, and improves safety performance.

The problem

We recently worked with a Soybean Oil Mill that had been trying since the plant’s purchase to increase efficiency but with no success. The plant had a total of 224 condenser tubes, but they were only using about 20% of that amount due to build-up.

Before working with Thompson Industrial Services, they had tried drilling the area themselves and using other contractors who tried less effective blasting techniques. The mill was finally a step away from taking the entire unit offline and replacing the clogged group of tubes when they reached out to us.

We are so glad they did!

The solution

We evaluated the situation and decided that 40K ultra-high pressure blasting was the best route to take. Our team arrived on site and went to work.

The first night of work alone, our team was able to clean 11 out of the 17 rows in a 12-hour shift, which extremely quick, efficient work. They finished the remainder of the rows the next night, broke down, and were offsite in 10 hrs.

While we pride ourselves on high quality work on every project, even we had to admit that this job was nothing short of amazing. We were able to help this plant get back online at 100% with very little downtime and significant cost savings. Anyone who has faced the issue knows that replacing that much tubing isn’t cheap.

Ultra-high pressure hydroblasting
Ultra-high pressure hydroblasting cuts costs and downtime while increasing productivity.

The feedback

One thing that sets Thompson Industrial Services apart from the rest is our quality assurance. We keep constant contact with our customers all the way through each job. Communication is vital in situations that can affect production and down time.

When we called to follow up with the customer and his satisfaction with our work, he could not thank us enough for the service we performed. The Maintenance and Plant Manager told us, “This will be the first time in the plant’s history that we will start up from an outage with this particular unit being 100% cleaned and operational.” He also commended Thompson on the professionalism and work ethic of everyone involved on the job.

He ended his positive review of the job by telling us that we could and should use him any time we need a reference for our automation capabilities, so if you have a need, call us today!

The wrap up

We took some time in-house to recognize the team members involved in this truly incredible job because we want them to know just how much we value each and every one of them and the commitment they have to Thompson Industrial.

Without a team like the one we have, we couldn’t consistently do the work we do.

We value our customers just as much, too. We look forward to working with new and repeat customers on jobs that challenge us to improve our systems and find creative ways to solve tough problems.

Contact us today to see if ultra-high pressure hydroblasting is for you, whether it’s cleaning, cutting, prepping, or demolishing. Our specially designed equipment, automated tooling, and a vast number of different nozzle configurations increase the ways we can tackle your needs.

Our Industrial Services: Variety and Power

November 22, 2019

People are often surprised to discover how many different industrial services we offer to our clients here at Thompson. A look through our website will show just how broad our spectrum of services is, ranging from safe excavation in preparation for construction projects to decommissioning entire plants.

How can one company do all of these things well? Each of our divisions focuses on their area of expertise, continually pushing themselves to be better. That means developing new technologies, streamlining processes, and applying practical experience and knowledge to improve every day. Here are four “spotlights” on a few of our most important applications and how they benefit our clients.

  1. Hydroblasting

Hydroblasting is the most flexible method that our teams of technicians employ. We can accomplish safe boiler tube cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning services with hydroblasters, as well as more complex actions such as hydrolazing (or “hydro-cutting”) using ultra-high pressure equipment. Thompson Industrial Services has transformed its hydroblasting service by adding automated and remotely controlled positioning to its methodology. This approach keeps employees safe and drastically accelerates the pace at which hydroblasting and hydrolazing solutions can proceed.

  1. Sponge Blasting

Our sponge blasting application is most notable for its gentle treatment of nearly all substrates. Because our technicians can adapt the abrasives used in this method with great precision, they can create a cleaning solution to perfectly match the needs of the specific equipment or substrate that they are called upon to service. Our sponge blasting technique, based on a synthetic sponge media, is a green cleaning system and poses no risk to the environment. In addition, the sponge media is recyclable, often able to be used as many as 10 times.

Thompson Industrial Services’ sponge blasting method is ideal for removing dust, particularly in environments where there is a sensitivity to moisture and heat, or where nearby equipment may be damaged by traditional abrasives. Containment procedures and risk to operators are also much lower with sponge blasting than with competing abrasives, which have a much greater rebound in comparison.

  1. Chemical Cleaning

Pickling, passivation, and other chemical solutions are core competencies for Thompson Industrial Services. We have decades of combined experience in our chemical cleaning division, combined with our company-wide commitment to put safety first in every task, giving our clients confidence that their equipment is in good hands. We conserve time during pre-commissioning and maintenance outages alike by utilizing our mobile labs to mix chemical solutions on site.

intensely safety-conscious
Our technicians are competent, experienced, and intensely safety-conscious.

The depth of understanding within our chemical cleaning division concerning the needs of production line equipment is an enormous asset for our pre-commissioning clients. Our technicians know the risks, both short-term and long-term, of failing to adequately prepare metal surfaces for operation. They also know the best practices for passivating and/or pickling those surfaces, using the right chemicals and mixtures in the right proportions. Finally, our teams do everything possible to protect the surrounding environment from contamination, collecting all debris, chemical runoff, and waste water for safe disposal.

  1. Customizable Applications

Some of the most dramatic success stories at Thompson Industrial Services involve problems that our clients believed—or were told by other service providers—were impossible to solve. Often these problems involve confined entry, irregularly shaped or positioned equipment, and/or environments that are too hazardous for a human technician to enter.

Our applications, many of which are automated and require no manual operation by human technicians, allow us to get hydroblasting, chemical cleaning, and other equipment into these hazardous or confined areas safely and complete the required maintenance.

In the archives of our blog and scattered across the service pages of our website, you will find story after story of facilities that had gone for years or even decades without cleaning essential equipment, due to logistical challenges and prohibitive costs. When Thompson Industrial Services finally arrived at the site, our teams were able to use our proprietary equipment and methods to complete the project quickly and successfully.

Whatever your industrial services needs are, get in touch with your regional Thompson Industrial Services office. We’ll get an expert team to your site and let you know how we can help.

Outage Management: Three Success Stories

November 13, 2019

Recently, we’ve been using our blog to highlight various stages in our Complete Lifecycle Solutions. These solutions make us a single source for industrial facilities that need expert, safe, and efficient services from construction all the way through decommissioning.

Outage management is one of the most common and crucial services that we at Thompson Industrial Services provide, ensuring that our clients’ equipment is maintained and cleaned as efficiently as possible through a safe, well-executed and cost-controlled outage. Our outage management team combines extensive pre-planning, onsite execution, daily reporting, and post-outage reviews, often resulting in reduced downtime. Our seasoned teams maximize results while accomplishing hydroblasting, vacuuming, boiler chemical cleaning, and other tasks more thoroughly than ever done before.

A key part of our outage management is the post-outage review session which allows our team to continue to improve and provide better and better services and solutions for our client’s each and every time.

Below are a just a few examples of some recent post-outage review results that we’re excited to share with you.

Florida Mill Outage

At a very large pulp mill in Florida, our Jacksonville-based division recently oversaw an outage. Pulp and paper mills are one of the industries that we frequently service, and the huge amount of experience and knowledge that we bring to these outages is of great benefit to our clients.

Fast forward to the end of the outage, and we collected feedback from the client, as we always do. We were very happy to see that the client awarded us 100% ratings in all their ranking categories!

These categories include Safety & Health, Environmental, Quality of Work, Productivity/Efficiency, and Customer Focus. The facility managers were completely satisfied with the performance of our Jacksonville-based team in all of these areas, and had a few specific comments for us as well. Here are a few of our favorites:

“Proactive safety vision and management. Clear plan for addressing and mitigating risk. Followed safe practices. Contractor’s employees actively understand and demonstrate safe behavior.”

“Contractor work was completed safely and on schedule or ahead of schedule. Contractor displayed a true sense of urgency while maintaining safety expectations and cost.”

“Contractor commitment to customer focus was not compromised, while meeting expectations. Provided regular updates to site personnel and work.”

Great projects performed by Thompson.
Three more great projects performed by Thompson.

Tennessee: First Impressions

The pressure always feels a little greater when we are performing an outage for a client for the very first time. When the client doesn’t know us very well yet, they tend to keep a close eye on our team and watch to see how they follow the facility’s internal safety protocols and other guidelines.

At a manufacturing facility in Tennessee, we recently conducted one of these “first impressions” outages. We’re happy to report that our local Division 52 team did a fantastic job, exceeding the client’s expectations.

As part of their feedback for us, the managers at the facility stated that they plan to use Thompson Industrial Services for all of their industrial cleaning needs moving forward. This response is a common one that we receive after performing a first outage project, and it’s exactly what we always hope for! This confidence on the part of our new clients is an indicator to us that our teams are doing everything they should in order to fulfill our company motto to “Be safe, be good, be great.”

South Carolina: On Time and Under Budget

We held a post-outage review session at a South Carolina steel mill after conducting a successful project for them. It was great to have more than 40 folks from the facility attend our session to find out just what our team did there!

We had some very good news for those in attendance. If there are two things that a facility manager always wants to hear after a project, they are the phrases “on time” and “under budget,” and we were able to deliver both of those at our post-outage review meeting. Even more importantly, the facility enjoyed safety for employees and the environment throughout the project, a goal that is at the heart of everything we do here at Thompson.

Thompson Industrial Services: Outage Management

We would love to tell you more about our outage management services and how they fit into our comprehensive Lifecycle Solutions. If you would like to find out what our local division can offer your facility in particular, get in touch with us today. From boiler chemical cleaning to safe excavation to hydrolazing, our regional offices are ready to respond to serve our clients throughout the US.

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