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Sponge Blasting Blows Away Other Methods (Part 1 of 2)

July 27, 2021
 Sponge blasting, as one of our newer service areas over the past 5 years, has been achieving substantial advancements for Thompson Industrial Services’ customers in many compelling, beneficial ways. As a versatile low dust cleaning method with a very favorable environmental impact, sponge blasting provides many of the same general benefits as other conventional services: it achieves equal or better results than competing methods, in less time, and with shorter cleanup times. Also in keeping with many other Thompson services, our sponge blasting teams can often apply our automated positioning systems to accelerate the process even more and keep personnel at a safe distance during cleaning.
In fact, the sponge blasting success stories have been coming so quickly that we had to split them up into a two-part blogpost! For the rest of the summer we’ll be sharing with you how this exciting, amazingly versatile application has been delighting our clients in various industries. 

Intro to Sponge Blasting

Sponge blasting is a multi-beneficial alternative to traditional sand blasting and other high-dust cleaning methods. Our system uses synthetic sponge media, which can be embedded with any one of a wide range of different abrasives to meet specific project needs from “soft” cleaning to achieving the toughest profiling specification. By customizing the abrasive type and size to the project, our teams can offer sponge blasting even in sensitive environments such as nuclear power plants and food processing facilities.
Sponge blasting is also an extremely low-dust application, minimizing impact on the surrounding environment. One unique feature of sponge blasting is the ability to recycle the synthetic media up to 10 times, which both saves money for blast media and disposal plus reduces the impact of the service on the ecosystem even further. Collection and recycling of media also means minimal cleanup following a project, with no effluents, runoff, or water to address.
Finally, sponge blasting is incredibly thorough. Even as it compresses project timelines, this service regularly yields better results than competing cleaning methods, getting pipes, vessel walls and surfaces “deep cleaned”, which is especially beneficial for pre-coating application projects, in less time. And now, to the real-life stories of how sponge blasting performs for our Thompson Industrial Services clients. 

Success Story #1: Boiler Tube Striping

Boiler tube striping is a process that is little known outside certain industries, but it is very important nonetheless. Striping, traditionally accomplished through sand blasting, allows for inspection of boiler tubes after cleaning by NDT and/or other crucial means to determine their thickness and structural integrity. In Kentucky, a client of ours managing a power plant asked our local division to try out sponge blasting instead to see if they could achieve similar results without so much dust and cleanup.

Sponge blasting versus traditional dust levels

Our team assessed the project, made the appropriate selections of abrasive type and pressure levels, and got to work. When the “dust had cleared” (metaphorically, of course!), the project had been completed to an equal or superior degree than the sand blasting method had provided. As the client had hoped, the sponge blasting method eliminated the need to contend with and clean up large amounts of effluent following the project, which saved a significant amount of time for the project as a whole. Another time-saving benefit was the fact that other boiler maintenance contractors could simultaneously continue working in the area, which shortened the overall outage schedule..

Needless to say, our client was very pleased with the outcome of the project! They indicated that they plan to use the sponge blasting service for boiler tube striping moving forward due to its significant time and cost savings over the previous sand blasting method.

Success Story #2: EO Railcar Cleaning

One of our divisions recently took on a project for a client that involves the use of automated sponge blasting to clean ethylene oxide (EO) railcars. In their first review meeting with the client after launching the service, our project managers were told that the Thompson team had distinguished itself so far through attention to detail, adherence to safety protocols, knowledge, and general great attitude, among other positive attributes. The good experience so far with Thompson has already prompted the client to initiate more work with their local division on the site.

Check back next month for more great success stories and more information on how Thompson Industrial Services’ sponge blasting application can save your facility time and money while protecting your equipment, your people, and your environment.

Two Specialized Safe Digging Applications

July 9, 2021

Some of the most powerful client outcomes we have seen here at Thompson Industrial Services, particularly in terms of safety and efficiency, come out of our pneumatic and hydro vacuum excavation division. It’s not difficult to imagine just how broad the range of situations is that can benefit from excavation equipment that uncover buried lines without damaging them, and our teams have been on site in many of those contexts across the country.

Clients are highly motivated to find safe alternatives to conventional excavation whenever possible, driven by sobering facts like these:

  • Over half of all power cable outages are traced back to conventional excavation equipment damage.
  • The Waterjet Technology Association reports that over 40% of pipeline system leaks and ruptures are the result of damage by outside forces, including excavation equipment.
  • Damaging lines during conventional digging places workers at risk of injury and death.
  • Advancing communications and utility technologies lead to the presence of a huge number of different buried lines, from cables and fiber optics to gas transfer and process lines, all of which are at risk of damage during conventional digging.

In this blogpost, we introduce you to two examples of recent projects for which our safe digging application was a perfect fit.

Solar Field Service

The main focus of a solar energy production facility is, of course, above the ground, where the sun’s rays shine on huge arrays of photovoltaic cells. But many miles of cabling and other infrastructure are needed below the surface to carry the resulting energy to the grid and to support the overall functioning of the plant. Our team at Thompson was able to contribute their expertise and safe digging equipment during installation of a solar field and also in ongoing maintenance work.

When an issue arises with a buried line on the site, using our hydro and pneumatic excavation equipment to find and uncover the trouble spot is much safer and more efficient than putting metal blades into the ground. In fact, more than half of all power cable service outages are caused by damage suffered during excavation using conventional equipment. Eliminating that possibility for damage is a huge advantage!

Thompson performs safe digging for solar fields.

Streamlining With a Single-Source Partner

One of the factors that our clients value most about Thompson Industrial Services is the breadth of our list of services. While boiler cleaning, hydroblasting, and chemical cleaning services represent the core of what we do, we also offer many specialty services that can be just as valuable to the client facilities that require them. From industrial drone inspections to dry ice blasting and EPICⓇ off-line HRSG cleaning, we strive to offer services that truly span the entire life cycle of an industrial facility.

Our partnership with a power company in North Carolina is a great example of how our variety of services helps save our clients money and time. When this client needs a “delicate dig” performed before they proceed with standard excavation equipment at a potentially sensitive site, it is very convenient for them to engage a supplier that is already “in the system” and is performing other functions for them–that is, Thompson Industrial Services. Facility managers also have a very high degree of confidence in Thompson’s ability to provide pneumatic and hydro vacuum excavation services since they are familiar with the integrity, expertise, and strict adherence to safety protocols that our teams display on every job.

Safe/Delicate Digging for Pipelines

As more current and potential clients across our service region learn about our pneumatic and hydro vacuum excavation capabilities, we see an enormous amount of potential for new types of projects. One of those exciting opportunities that is taking shape at the moment is excavation for methane gas pipeline placement along highways. Depending on the soil type, our teams elect to use either hydro vacuum (for clay soil) or pneumatic vacuum (for class C soil) excavation to quickly and cleanly remove soil, then replace it after the pipeline is installed. This service meets the requirements for efficiency and minimal disruption that a project like this has, and we anticipate that our safe digging division will continue its busy schedule as more clients choose to take advantage of its powerful benefits.

Stay connected with Thompson Industrial Services to discover more stories about successful projects that save money for our clients, as well as white papers, case studies, and other materials that provide more technical detail on our groundbreaking processes and equipment. As always, our expert management teams are ready to meet with you to consult about your facility’s unusual or sensitive project needs and inform you about the solutions that Thompson has available. We hope to meet you soon!

Press Releases

Thompson Industrial Services Relocates LaPorte, TX Facility

SUMMARY: Thompson Industrial Services has relocated its regional office in LaPorte, Texas to a larger facility, which provides additional opportunity for housing equipment, hosting client meetings, and conducting other activities essential to serving customers throughout the Gulf coast region. Headquartered in South Carolina, Thompson operates several regional offices along the Gulf coast, focused on serving the oil and gas industry with a wide range of plant life cycle services. The new LaPorte office will serve a new, expanded role in providing these services, as the base of operations for tank cleaning, vapor recovery unit, and automated hydroblasting teams.

Thompson Industrial Services’ LaPorte, Texas office has completed a relocation to a new, larger facility with increased potential for serving clients in its Texas and Louisiana Gulf coast service areas. The office and warehouse at the new location each measure over 3,000 square feet in area, with a fenced-in lay down yard offering over 35,000 square feet of equipment storage. Thompson will use this additional space to house hydroblasting, tank cleaningwet and dry vacuuming, vapor recovery equipment and other units for quick, convenient deployment to client plants in the region.

In the office area of the new facility, technology upgrades and enhanced meeting spaces make it easier for Thompson Industrial Services to conduct both internal and client-facing events, whether in-person or by way of virtual conferencing. The greater opportunities for sales meetings, in-depth communication with clients in the region, and long-range strategic planning will play a large part in Thompson’s ongoing expansion in the Houston, TX region.

Thompson Industrial Services Relocates LaPorte, TX Facility

Clients managing oil and gas or other industrial facilities in the region will find Thompson Industrial Services ready to provide turnkey solutions throughout the life cycle of a refinery, power generation, or other industrial plant from the LaPorte base of operations. Thompson’s expert teams and equipment specialize in degassing, EPIC™ Off-line HRSG cleaningautomated hydroblastingvacuuming, and many other specialty services, all backed up by many decades of combined experience on the part of project managers and technicians. Thompson’s services are supported by highly advanced technologies, many of which make it possible to provide fully automated service with a wide range of cost and safety benefits for clients, their employees, and their equipment.

Thompson Industrial Services has a long history of proven success working with clients in the oil and gas industry, as well as other industries such as steel, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, coal, nuclear and combined cycle power generation and more. Their complete life cycle services include pre-commissioning cleaning, daily support, turnarounds and decommissioning service, as well as emergency help with wet and dry vacuuming, hydrocutting in hazardous environments, and other sensitive processes. The Thompson team based at the LaPorte, Texas facility is ideally located to apply these powerful services at industrial facilities in the surrounding region, achieving significant cost savings through the use of automation and making critical industrial services safer than ever before. Thompson also offers industrial drone inspection, dry ice blasting, sponge blasting, combustible dust remediation, and other specialized services that minimize interruption to plant operations while accomplishing more thorough results than competing methods.

Important Results of Thompson’s Coronavirus Disinfecting Services

July 1, 2021

It’s not surprising to anyone that the COVID-19 global pandemic changed things at Thompson Industrial Services. Practically every organization in any industry was deeply impacted by the once-in-a-lifetime event and was forced to take special measures to keep its employees, customers, clients, and colleagues as safe as possible. At Thompson, though, we felt a special responsibility to respond to the health crisis in a particular way.

With our decades of history in industrial equipment cleaning and maintenance, our teams were uniquely positioned to pivot and begin offering coronavirus disinfecting services to both our existing clients and new clients–many of those in areas that Thompson has not traditionally serviced. Today, with numerous COVID-19 vaccines widely available and cases declining across the United States, we are able to share the important results of disinfection as a layer of protection, and to how our client’s ongoing disinfection programs are keeping everyone even safer and more productive than we originally imagined.

Long-Term Cleaning Projects Preventing Positives

Perhaps the most striking example of success in the area of coronavirus disinfecting services is our work at a Florida power plant. This client requested help keeping the facility compliant with COVID-19 sanitation protocols, and our regional office responded with cleaning services seven days a week. After two months of cleaning all mobile office trailers on site at the power plant, we are very proud to report that the facility has seen zero positive COVID-19 cases during our time of service there. 

Thompson’s coronavirus disinfecting services have had powerful results for clients.

We are also proud to partner with one of the largest coal power plants in the United States to provide disinfecting services Monday through Friday. Having our certified, expert technicians on site to disinfect surfaces and environments every workday helps employees at this site rest assured that they are being protected as fully as possible and allows them to focus on their critical work rather than on the threat of coronavirus transmission due to an unclean environment.

Each of our clients has a unique set of needs, and it’s important that our disinfecting services be versatile enough to meet those needs perfectly. As an example, a pulp & paper mill in Tennessee chose to have our team come in on a bi-weekly basis to do a complete disinfection of their warehouse and office areas.

Avoiding Lost Work

 The drastically reduced numbers of COVID-19 cases at these and our other disinfection clients’ facilities are obviously the number one goal, and we are very gratified to know that our teams have been an integral part of keeping folks safe at work in many of our country’s most important industries, including power generation, manufacturing, and oil & gas. The truth is, however, we have also seen a significant reduction in cases of other types of illnesses among workers at these facilities, most notably the flu. By reducing transmission of the flu and keeping employees safer from other communicable diseases, Thompson has helped facilities avoid lost work due to sickness in an already-challenging period.

Future Health and Safety Efforts

Vaccine availability, increased understanding of how COVID-19 is transmitted, and ongoing development of treatment options are all very welcome advantages that are undoubtedly lowering the threat of the pandemic. However, it’s important to remember that with new variants emerging, many areas of the country still have significant restrictions in place and both commercial and industrial facilities are responsible to respect those restrictions and continue protecting their employees and guests from disease transmission. It is also important to note the overall lost work effects that disinfection can have for a facility in preventing illnesses of all types.

Thompson Industrial Services plans to continue offering these important disinfection services in a flexible manner so that every client has access to services that fully comply with their state and local guidelines. As public health experts remind us, there is much that is still unclear about COVID-19, and much additional research is needed before we fully understand prevention and treatment. In the meantime, Thompson is committed to partnering with our clients, as we always have, to provide services at the highest level of quality and integrity.

Whether you are a current client of Thompson and are interested in adding disinfection services at your facility, or whether you manage a commercial property and need a reliable provider that can tailor services to your particular needs, we hope that you will contact your regional Thompson office to determine the best approach for your business.

FINFOAM Shines in New Application for Petrochemical Plants

June 8, 2021

Ever since FINFOAM became a division of Thompson Industrial Services, it has been a core service and a favorite among our industrial clients. FINFOAM was originally developed as an environmentally safe, gentle method for removing plugging and debris from air-cooled heat exchanger components. It’s incredibly effective in that application, and our teams have advanced it further by combining it with another of Thompson’s signature technologies: automated, remotely controlled positioning systems.

The non-toxic, simple nature of FINFOAM makes it surprisingly versatile, and recently our technicians have begun expanding their use of this proprietary application to other types of client projects. In the coming weeks we will be publishing a detailed white paper on these expanded service offerings utilizing FINFOAM, but in the meantime here is a summary of one of the first projects in that category. As you will see, its success provides us with a strong impetus to explore other ways that this amazing system can benefit our clients!

Petrochemical Plant Equipment

The story of this unusual project began with a request from a petrochemical plant related to a furnace at a Gulf Coast ethylene plant. The furnace’s efficiency and effectiveness had dropped well below optimal levels, and extensive research into the root causes finally revealed that the tubes in the convection section of the furnace were heavily contaminated with debris. While plant managers presumed that this debris buildup was the primary cause for the furnace’s poor performance, they also came to the conclusion that replacement of the convection section would be necessary since it had been in operation for nearly 20 years.

A Stop-Gap Cleaning Effort

The petrochemical plant engaged Thompson’s FINFOAM division to use its proven system, normally applied to air-cooled heat exchanger components, to attempt a cleaning of the tubes. The hope was that this cleaning approach would remove enough debris to bring the convection section up to acceptable levels of efficiency until the entire section could be replaced.

The Thompson team quickly built a strategy for cleaning the tubes, which were in a location that posed significant access challenges. Fortunately, the remotely controlled positioners that our teams frequently use with the FINFOAM system made it possible to apply the foaming agent to all surfaces of the tubes without cutting access holes or placing technicians in hazardous situations.

The team was also careful to mitigate the risk of water entering certain areas of the furnace, such as the firebox, during the rinse phase of the FINFOAM process. The planning and execution were highly effective, and it appeared that the cleaning had been successful in removing the built-up debris that had hindered the efficiency of the unit.

Our self-contained FINFOAM mobile unit

Results Surpassing Expectations

When the convection section was brought back online and tests were run to determine the efficiency gains of the FINFOAM cleaning, the results far surpassed the client’s expectations. Rather than simply bringing the performance levels up to minimal acceptable levels, the cleaning had made it possible for the unit to easily exceed the levels required for normal operation.

The client was so confident in the restored power of the furnace’s convection section as a result of treatment with FINFOAM that they decided there was no longer a need to immediately replace the section, instead postponing it to a future phase. In addition, the client expressed an intention of engaging with Thompson for additional cleaning projects at the facility to improve the performance of other furnaces.

Thompson and Innovation

This success story is just one example of the ways that our people here at Thompson Industrial Services constantly examine client needs, compare them with our present technology, and look for ways that we can make our operations do more than ever before. On a regular basis, we enter situations where an industrial facility’s leadership has become resigned to making do with poorly performing equipment, only to devise a plan that efficiently solves longstanding issues and restores levels of performance that the equipment has not provided in decades.

Please keep an eye on our website and social media for our upcoming full white paper on the use of FINFOAM in alternative settings, and get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation with one of our area experts.

Press Releases

Thompson Industrial Services Opens Cincinnati, OH Location

SUMMARY: Thompson Industrial Services, a provider of complete life cycle services for industrial facilities of all types, is in the process of opening a new location in Cincinnati, Ohio. The site will join Thompson’s 20+ other regional offices as important resources for power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, manufacturing, and other industrial facilities throughout the United States. The Cincinnati office, which will have a staff of 20 to 25, is currently hiring and will hold a special hiring event on May 25 at the new Chester Road office.


Thompson Industrial Services adds to its more than 20 regional offices with the opening of its new Cincinnati, Ohio location. The office, located at 10250 Chester Road, will serve as a hub for Thompson to provide vacuum, hydro excavation, hydroblasting, and other critical services to industrial facilities throughout southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeast Indiana.


Thompson will be holding a special hiring event on May 25 at the new regional office as part of aggressive efforts to add qualified new members to the 20-25 employee team. New hires will enjoy comprehensive training, ongoing leadership development opportunities, a highly competitive benefits package, and a culture that prioritizes the health and safety of every employee on every job.


The Cincinnati regional Thompson office comprises over 7,300 square feet of space, newly refurbished to include a state-of-the-art training center in which technicians will hone their skills and experts will share their knowledge to make our services more effective, safer, and more efficient to minimize client’s downtime. The resurfaced two-acre grounds of the service location will house a fleet of advanced equipment, including two vacuum trucks, five service trucks, 325-hp hydroblast pumps capable of up to 10,000 PSI, 4,000-PSI pressure washers, and a hydroblasting automation trailer boasting our most up-to-date remotely controlled robotic equipment.


With a well-established presence in Kentucky working with major utilities, Thompson Industrial Services is very optimistic about expanding its life cycle offerings to industrial facilities in the Tristate area and beyond. From its new Cincinnati office, conveniently located along I-75, Thompson teams can bring safe excavation, hydrocutting, and wet and dry vacuum equipment to the sites of clients that are looking for better ways to complete notoriously hazardous, time-consuming, and expensive tasks. Through automation, fully customizable equipment, and an incredibly deep knowledge/experience base, Thompson Industrial Services reduces downtime for facilities while providing superior chemical cleaning, water blasting, and other critical services.


Thompson Industrial Services also offers highly specialized services, including SCR catalyst cleaning, HRSG offline cleaning, and dry ice blasting for cleaning projects that cannot include moisture or abrasives. Through hydro and pneumatic vacuum excavation services, Thompson teams quickly dig in sensitive areas, uncovering delicate utility and telecom lines without causing damage. Their expert divisions can also engineer custom solutions or provide on-site support.


To learn more about the new Cincinnati office and the hiring event on May 25, call 1-800-849-8040 or visit There you can also explore more of Thompson’s cost-saving services, including aerial drone inspection, sponge blasting, and ultra-high pressure hydroblasting for cutting through steel and other materials.


Thompson Industrial Services
10250 Chester Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45215
(800) 849-8040


Thompson Introduces Automated Tank Cleaning

March 25, 2021

Here at Thompson Industrial Services, we have made yet another step along the way toward our goal of becoming 100% automated. The newest service area to benefit from our decades of research into automated, remotely controlled technologies is tank cleaning, a very challenging area that has always posed significant difficulties to service providers like us. As you will see, through the development of several different advanced tools we have increased the speed, efficiency, and most importantly the safety of our tank cleaning activities.

ROV/ROC Technology

The most striking element of our automated tank cleaning service is the use of a remote operated vehicle (ROV) or remote operated crawler (ROC) to carry and manipulate the hydroblasting equipment that strips off deposits, sludge, and even rubber linings from the interior of our clients’ tanks. Our ROV requires a manway just 24 inches wide for access, and it is mounted with a vertically adjustable water cannon capable of washing the roof, walls, and floor of the vessel with remote adjustments made by operators.

The ROC, which can be seen in action in the demo videos on our website, is a crawler designed to strip the toughest of debris deposits and sludge from interior and exterior surfaces. This includes vessel walls as well as pipes that have years’ worth or many layers of debris that must be removed.

Manway Cannon and Tank Sweep

These two tools give Thompson Industrial Services’ automated tank cleaning teams additional ability to address more specific challenges with maximum efficiency and safety. Our camera manway cannon enters a tank and liquefies sludge in preparation for removal, all while keeping the tank sealed. This eliminates not only the need to send a human technician inside the tank, but also the need for vapor recovery measures and associated disposal costs.

The tank sweep is another non-entry application, focused on tanks with high solid levels. The extreme efficiency of this cleaning method saves our clients money through reduction of waste products and minimized downtime for cleaning projects. It also recovers higher hydrocarbon levels than traditional methods, making it better for the environment.

Our ROC quickly and safely strips debris from surfaces.

Solids-Separation Services

This component of our automated tank cleaning service adds even more cost savings, safety, and minimized environmental impact to your project. Depending on the waste removed from the tank, we use a two-stage or three-stage centrifuge process to separate liquids and solids (two-stage) or oil, water, and solids (three-stage). This step, handled by our expert teams, enables recovery of oil and streamlines the disposal of solids as much as possible.

Varied Applications

As with so many of the applications at Thompson Industrial Services, our automated tank cleaning benefits clients in many different fields. We have longstanding, powerful partnerships with clients in the pulp & paper, oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries among many others, as plant managers have learned that they can trust the teams from their regional TIS office to conduct every project with safety, integrity, creativity, and efficiency. Our automated approach to tank cleaning and hydroblasting of other equipment has changed the way the industry thinks about outages, downtime, and what to expect from an industrial services provider.

Continued Commitment to Automation

We at Thompson are very excited about what our automated tank cleaning service represents–a continuation of our decades-long commitment to make all of our services as efficient and safe as possible by using remotely controlled equipment whenever possible, rather than placing human technicians with manual equipment in the same application. This push is a large part of what made 2020 our company’s safest year ever, and we aim to continue automating more services as technology advances.

As powerful as any technology is, however, it is only as effective as the humans that use it. Our automated solutions are supported by our outage management teams (OMTs), who use their decades of on-the-ground experience and training to plan our clients’ outages in great detail. This human expertise takes our automated tools to their fullest potential, giving our clients the shortest downtimes, cleanest equipment, and overall best results they have ever seen.

Get in touch with your nearest Thompson Industrial Services regional office to learn more about the benefits of automated tank cleaning for your site.

A Job Well Done in Our Hometown

March 10, 2021

The City of Sumter, SC recently needed to remove to nearly 1000 cubic yards of sediment/debris/sludge from the bottom of a large aeration basin at their waste water treatment plant. It would take 2 weeks of vacuuming the dense sediment from the bottom of the basin and moving it to drying beds on site. The work was further complicated by the presence of 50 rows of aeration piping/apparatus that presented a “maze” at the bottom of the basin that had to be worked around and protected.  

The crew led by Boston Pearson, including Elijah Bradley, Chris Bradley, Theo Wells, and Clifford Workman did an incredible job. They worked diligently over the course of the project, in inclement weather conditions and completed the project in 15 days, which given the nature of the work and the weather, speaks volumes of their combined effort. 

The City representative was very happy with our work which should help us to be awarded the additional basins onsite that will need to be done over the next 1-2 years. Congrats to the whole division 33 team for a job well done.

Thompson Removes 50+ Years of Dust in Texas

March 10, 2021

Recently, our Houston, TX division completed an extremely challenging and successful Combustible Dust Remediation project at a facility within a refining plant.  The demolition of a large warehouse and adjoining extruder building had already been awarded to a large demo contractor, but their proposed process to remediate the combustible dust was the traditional use of scaffolding the entire warehouse and using HVACS.  The scaffolding estimate alone was already north of $300K. 

Thompson Removes 50+ Years of Dust in Texas

Thompson proposed our DEFA (Dust Encapsulating Foaming Agent) foaming process as a safer and more effective alternative, and were awarded the job. The customer was extremely impressed with the results and Thompson’s overall service. (See the impressive before and after results above and below.) In fact, their Remediation Project Coordinator was at first skeptical of this method, but upon the successful completion of the project, is now a huge advocate of our DEFA foaming process. He wrote us to say, “Congratulations on successfully abating the 50+ years of SMA dust that accumulated in the Warehouse and Extruder Area.” Congratulations on a job well done by the whole team!

Thompson Removes 50+ Years of Dust in Texas

LET – Leadership Engagement Training

The Southeast Region hosted two, LET sessions in February.  In total, 33 existing and/or future, Southeast, leaders attended.  The main drive of the sessions was to invest in our leaders so they will be fully engaged with their teams. Productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction all improve when teammates are fully engaged, and the path to teammate engagement is always through their team leaders.  Topics covered in the sessions included safety focus, waterblast automation, equipment operation, equipment maintenance, and electronic timesheets.  Both classroom and field instruction was included.  All our leaders were extremely engaged and excited to bring back what they learned to those they lead. Special thanks to all who led the sessions. 

Let’s keep passing on what we learn this year! Find a mentor, be a mentor.