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Thompson Industrial Services Opens Cincinnati, OH Location

SUMMARY: Thompson Industrial Services, a provider of complete life cycle services for industrial facilities of all types, is in the process of opening a new location in Cincinnati, Ohio. The site will join Thompson’s 20+ other regional offices as important resources for power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, manufacturing, and other industrial facilities throughout the United States. The Cincinnati office, which will have a staff of 20 to 25, is currently hiring and will hold a special hiring event on May 25 at the new Chester Road office.


Thompson Industrial Services adds to its more than 20 regional offices with the opening of its new Cincinnati, Ohio location. The office, located at 10250 Chester Road, will serve as a hub for Thompson to provide vacuum, hydro excavation, hydroblasting, and other critical services to industrial facilities throughout southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeast Indiana.


Thompson will be holding a special hiring event on May 25 at the new regional office as part of aggressive efforts to add qualified new members to the 20-25 employee team. New hires will enjoy comprehensive training, ongoing leadership development opportunities, a highly competitive benefits package, and a culture that prioritizes the health and safety of every employee on every job.


The Cincinnati regional Thompson office comprises over 7,300 square feet of space, newly refurbished to include a state-of-the-art training center in which technicians will hone their skills and experts will share their knowledge to make our services more effective, safer, and more efficient to minimize client’s downtime. The resurfaced two-acre grounds of the service location will house a fleet of advanced equipment, including two vacuum trucks, five service trucks, 325-hp hydroblast pumps capable of up to 10,000 PSI, 4,000-PSI pressure washers, and a hydroblasting automation trailer boasting our most up-to-date remotely controlled robotic equipment.


With a well-established presence in Kentucky working with major utilities, Thompson Industrial Services is very optimistic about expanding its life cycle offerings to industrial facilities in the Tristate area and beyond. From its new Cincinnati office, conveniently located along I-75, Thompson teams can bring safe excavation, hydrocutting, and wet and dry vacuum equipment to the sites of clients that are looking for better ways to complete notoriously hazardous, time-consuming, and expensive tasks. Through automation, fully customizable equipment, and an incredibly deep knowledge/experience base, Thompson Industrial Services reduces downtime for facilities while providing superior chemical cleaning, water blasting, and other critical services.


Thompson Industrial Services also offers highly specialized services, including SCR catalyst cleaning, HRSG offline cleaning, and dry ice blasting for cleaning projects that cannot include moisture or abrasives. Through hydro and pneumatic vacuum excavation services, Thompson teams quickly dig in sensitive areas, uncovering delicate utility and telecom lines without causing damage. Their expert divisions can also engineer custom solutions or provide on-site support.


To learn more about the new Cincinnati office and the hiring event on May 25, call 1-800-849-8040 or visit There you can also explore more of Thompson’s cost-saving services, including aerial drone inspection, sponge blasting, and ultra-high pressure hydroblasting for cutting through steel and other materials.


Thompson Industrial Services
10250 Chester Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45215
(800) 849-8040


Press Releases

GBRIA 2020 Safety Excellence Awards

Thompson Industrial Services Appointed Third Place Award Winner

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, August 17, 2020

 “A Safety Milestone We Are Very Proud Of!”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance appointed winners of the 24th Annual Safety Awards. Thompson Industrial Services was awarded for General Construction & Maintenance, Division I.

GBRIA 2020 Safety Excellence Awards

The prestigious recognition by the GBRIA is something regional industries strive to obtain. A company must maintain a work environment that surpasses others with a recording of less than 1.0 for the past 16 years. Thompson Industrial not only meets these qualifications but exceeds OSHA standards and the best safety practices which are industry-specific.

Safety Through Automation

The stringent safety practices include the use of automation to ensure the safety of employees. Thompson is quickly approaching 100%-Hands-Free Automation capability.


As innovation and technology advances, we evolve with equipment, training, and safety that’s in line with those advancements. The use of remote control equipment enables us to reach areas that are otherwise dangerous or inaccessible. By doing so, cleaning is done quickly and in a much more thorough manner. Through our automation, you benefit by reducing your downtime and the expense that quickly racks up from manual labor.


  • Removes the dangers of water-related injuries that can occur with manually operated cleaning equipment.
  • It also protects the integrity of surfaces hydro blasting comes into contact with.
  • Cuts cleaning time in half and reduces required manpower.
  • It provides an option for cutting concrete or steel.
  • Eliminates the need for confined space entry permits.

High Standards of Safety

The safety practices Thompson Industrial has in place are higher than most regional industries. This is to ensure the safety of every person under the employ of Thompson. Safety goals and procedures are developed and enforced through specialized training and accountability.


  • Regular audits are done through data analysis. The valuable feedback through the data audits points out areas of success as well as those needing improvement.
  • To avoid complacency and promote safety awareness, behavior mitigation is in place to protect employees.
  • Customized checklists are developed for each site/task to further enforce safety measures.
  • Yearly safety trends are reviewed regularly to compare with current trends.

Thompson Industrial Services

Thompson Industrial Services, LLC, was founded in 1986. Sumter, South Carolina is where headquarters calls home. Service locations are scattered throughout the U.S. As a single-source industrial service, Thompson serves all phases of industrial cleaning.


Industrial services Thompson specializes in includes hydro blasting, vacuuming, chemical cleaning, pre-commission cleaning, hydro- and pneumatic-vacuum excavation, and decommissioning. Our specialties don’t end here because we also do combustible dust remediation, FINFOAM(R) cleaning of air-cooled heat exchangers, HRSG cleaning, dry ice blasting, tank cleaning, industrial drone inspection, and COVID-19 disinfecting.

The “Thompson” Culture

Here at Thompson Industrial Services, you are met with old-fashioned hospitality and values with safety that is state of the art. We don’t compromise on friendliness, customer service, quality, or safety. You get the very best when you hire us.


If you would like more information about our services or need a quote, we have someone available to take your call. We look forward to being the industrial cleaning service that will surpass your expectations! Contact us today!


Press Releases


SUMMARY: Joshua Chambers has served as the president and CEO of Thompson Industrial Services for over a year, during which time he has pushed the company to strive for even higher goals in areas in which it already leads its industry. Achieving maximum safety and excellence on every job, for every client, has been a special focus for Joshua, and the Thompson Industrial Services team is excited about where Joshua’s leadership will take them in the future.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In 2016, Joshua Chambers became the new president and CEO of Thompson Industrial Services, following 20 years of experience in the global energy and industrial fields. When he took over the position, Joshua was looking forward to carrying on the efforts of Thompson Industrial Services’ founder, Greg Thompson, and the emphases on automation, safety, and integrity that he had instilled in the company. A year and a half into the position, the team at Thompson agrees that Joshua has been successful in maintaining Greg Thompson’s vision as well as guiding the company toward new efforts to develop and perfect powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly technologies.

Joshua Chambers has encouraged the employees at Thompson Industrial Services, from the top leadership to every technician that is entrusted with their clients’ equipment, to adopt the motto “Be safe, be good, be great.” This motto summarizes the goals of the company’s chemical cleaning, safe excavation, dry ice cleaning, hydroblasting, and other divisions each time they travel to a client’s facility, assess the needs and challenges of a cleaning task, and execute a plan. A large component of the commitment to safety and greatness is the company’s increasing implementation of automated equipment across its hydroblasting, chemical cleaning, and inspection services. Automated solutions have allowed Thompson’s teams to slash facility downtime for many of its largest clients, as well as creating low-cost solutions for cleaning challenges that were previously physically or financially impossible.

Integrity, a key value for Thompson Industrial Services since its founding, is also important to Joshua Chambers at every level of the company’s operation. It is reflected in the creation of multiple detailed performance reports during and after cleaning projects conducted for clients, giving them a clear picture of exactly how Thompson’s work has benefitted the client’s production and bottom line. However, integrity also leads to small yet meaningful efforts on the part of every member of Thompson’s teams. Clients frequently note the lack of debris left behind by Thompson’s teams at their site, and they often express their surprise at the levels of knowledge and professionalism displayed by every technician on the team that worked on their equipment. This is the core of the motto’s “Be good:” to practice the highest standards in ethics and integrity on every job.

The motto’s conclusion, “Be great,” encompasses Thompson’s goal to exceed expectations for every client. Each time technicians cut downtime for a routine maintenance task, achieve a more thorough cleaning than a piece of equipment has ever experienced, or solve a problem that was previously considered nearly impossible, they reflect the company’s drive to “be great.”

Joshua Chambers and the entire Thompson Industrial Services team are looking forward to many more years of safe, good, and great service for the company’s industrial clients throughout the United States and beyond. To learn more about Thompson Industrial Services and its commitment to earth-friendly, efficiency-building innovation, visit the corporate website at

Thompson Industrial Services, LLC Announces New Location in Macon, GA

MACON, GA, December 2018 — Thompson Industrial Services, a leading industrial cleaning services provider, announces the opening of a new office in Macon, Georgia. Opening on January 2, 2019, the Macon office will be Thompson’s 21st service location providing a vast range of industrial cleaning and specialty services to major industrial plants and mills, including pulp and paper, power, steel, chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and more. The full-service location at 4308 Interstate Drive, Macon, GA 31210, is strategically positioned in central Georgia to serve Macon, Savannah, and the surrounding areas with the safety and efficiency that customers have come to expect from Thompson.

“Our localized presence in Macon will give TIS an increased ability to safely support our customers, day or night.” Said Mr. Josh Chambers, CEO of Thompson Industrial Services, “We look forward to being an employer of choice in Macon and offering further contributions to the Georgia economy.”

Thompson Industrial Services prides itself on providing the safest, highest-quality industrial cleaning, hydro-cutting, and vacuum-excavation services with integrity. This location will improve the safety and productivity of outage and on-site daily work in hydroblasting, chemical cleaning, high volume hydroblasting, industrial vacuuming, and other specialty services for Georgia plants, mills, and other facilities. The central Georgia region is seeing a growing demand for automation during outages and industrial cleaning projects. Thompson is already providing 100% automation to customers in Savannah, and this new location is ideally positioned to better assist facilities to improve their safety and productivity.

In addition to serving major industries, Thompson can provide safe dry ice blasting to clean all types of sensitive machinery in facilities throughout the state, and their readily available hydro- and pneumatic-excavation equipment will be an asset to local municipalities and construction projects.

The Macon office will be led by Dewey Seymour, Director of Georgia Operations, who brings 43 years of industrial cleaning leadership to the area. Like all of Thompson’s locations, this office will serve the area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Emily Martin, Marketing:

Dewey Seymour, Macon Operations:


About Thompson Industrial Services, LLC

Thompson Industrial Services, LLC offers the broadest line of specialized industrial cleaning services with advanced automated technology and seasoned personnel. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Sumter, SC, Thompson now has over 20 strategically positioned service locations across the Southeast and Central US, with mobile operations across the globe.

Thompson specializes in complete Lifecycle Service Solutions for major pulp and paper mills, steel mills, power plants, oil & gas and other industrial facilities. We are a single-source industrial services provider with the unique ability to serve a facility from the construction pre-commissioning phase to on-site daily services, outages and turnarounds, and even decommissioning. We provide safe, quality services delivered with integrity in the areas of Hydroblasting, Vacuuming, & “Big Pump”, Chemical Cleaning & FINFOAM®, and Specialty & Custom Solutions.

Specialized services include: automation, high volume hydroblasting at 2,250 HP/1,200 GPM, 40K UHP hydro-cleaning, cutting & surface prep, dry ice blasting, chemical cleaning, pigging, sponge media abrasive blasting with reuse, FINFOAM® air-cooled heat exchanger cleaning, combustible dust remediation, hydro- and pneumatic-vacuum excavation, in-situ SCR catalyst cleaning and industrial drone inspections.

At Thompson, our culture is built on the foundation of our core values – safety, quality and integrity. We put these into action every day through a “be safe, be good, be great” attitude that propels our world-class safety program, renowned productivity and creative automated solutions that optimize safety while meeting our clients bottom line. For more information, visit

At Thompson, we are a family.


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