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From vessels to exchangers, furnaces, ACHEs, towers, boiler cleaning and extensively more such as UHP hydro-cutting and dry ice blasting, we serve the demanding needs of chemical, petrochemical and refineries with safe, reliable industrial services specific to your plant-specific requirements.

Thompson provides extensive world-class industrial cleaning and hydro-cutting services to major chemical, petrochemical and refining facilities along the gulf coast and across the globe. Our renowened FINFOAM division uses an eco-friendly solution and proprietary cleaning process that maximizes production and efficiency of air-cooled fin-tubed heat exchangers. Thompson’s method is completely safe and gentle on delicate fins, and extremely effective with rapid increases in throughput and improved energy efficiency. Whether it is tailored hydroblasting utilizing automation, chemical cleaning, vacuuming or a specialized FINFOAM application, we have the expertise plus quality and safety requirements your facility demands.


  • Air-cooled heat exchanger (ACHE) cleaning (OD & ID)
  • Convection section cleaning with FINFOAM
  • Exchanger and condenser cleaning with automation
  • Tower and vessel cleaning
  • Boilers
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Sumps and drains
  • Reactor and Regenerator hydro-cutting head removal with automated UHP


  • Dry ice blasting
  • Reactor jacket chemical cleaning
  • Boilers – all encompassing
  • Convection sections – externally
  • Columns, towers and vessels
  • Plate-and-frame exchangers
  • Hydro-cutting e.g. reactors, regenerators & doorsheets
  • Turnaround services

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