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Benefits & Results of FINFOAM®

Dirty fin fans units impede heat transfer and restrict air flow resulting in decreased production and increased operating costs.

Heat exchanger units cooling at a slower rate have a dramatic effect on your production capability and consequently, on your company’s bottom line.  Our unique cleaning process returns your equipment to peak performance and allows you to produce at optimal levels while reducing operating costs.

We’ve redefined methods specified by supervisors and engineers for externally cleaning heat exchanger coils. FINFOAM®’s decades-long, proven cleaning method is safer, more efficient and more cost-effective than all other cleaning services available.

Optimizing Your Return: The Benefits of FINFOAM®

  • Improved heat transfer cooling performance and unit efficiency
  • Increased production (throughput)
  • Decreased amps to run fan “hard” reduces operating costs (and in itself often times pays for the entire cleaning project)
  • Prolonged unit life by removing corrosive deposits
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • No production loss with “on-line” cleaning
  • Zero damage to fins
  • Tested and proven results for over 15 years
  • Global company with repeat clients throughout the world
  • Removes essentially all debris and corrosive elements
  • Foam expands to coat and clean entire surface area
  • pH-balanced cleaning formula
  • A formula so safe, it can be used in food prep facilities
  • Custom cleaning foams developed for special applications
  • Recommended by fin fan manufacturers

Impeccable Safety Record & Culture

At FINFOAM®, we only clean heat exchanger units – more and more of them every year. A company that provides one specialized service can focus on all aspects of safe operation pertaining to that service. Over the past 15 years, our fully trained operators achieved a 100% zero recordable safety record.  We spare no expense to help them maintain that record.

Our safety policies are regularly reviewed and updated and FINFOAM® personnel operators trained on an on-going, tabulated basis, are fully compliant with all aspects of OSHA, and will adhere to specific plant requirements as well. As a result, our insurance industry EMR rating speaks for itself, which is 0.71 with 0.0 TIR and LWIR.


Our FINFOAM® division takes this technology a step further with a fully automated option – ROBOFOAM®. ROBOFOAM® is a wireless, intrinsically safe, camera and water canon combination that can be controlled by the operator as he sits in his truck and views the foaming operation on a computer screen. ROBOFOAM® also has a tether system to control and/or eliminate swaying both from wind and back pressure of the fluid and foam. This system is also controlled remotely and wirelessly.

As for foaming, ROBOFOAM® is as accurate as a typical “foamer”. It is able to apply the foam exactly where it needs to go. The same holds true for rinsing.

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