Boiler Tube Cleaning

Our automated boiler tube cleaning technology, paired with specially designed software and expert personnel ensures the utmost in efficiency and precision for a complete cleaning of every tube.

Safe Efficient Boiler Tube Cleaning

Thompson’s automated boiler tube cleaning technology is the ideal way to mechanically clean the interior tube surfaces of package and other boiler designs. This is a fully customizable system fit to your particular boiler that is inserted through the mudrum manway and removes any need for an operator to enter the vessel.

This technology also includes a camera system used for better tube indexing, hose containment and more. It can deliver up to 50 lbs. of push-force to clear plugged tubes, and easily travels through long lengths and bends cleaning in both directions under full pressure ensuring a safe, precise and thorough cleaning every time.


  • Decreased Hazard Exposure
  • No confined space entry required
  • Precise tube indexing
  • Highly efficient cleaning capabilities
  • Water & impact resistant camera system


Case Study


Rust scale buildup on 119 boiler tubes required cleaning and passivation before being shipped to a major power plant.


The Thompson automation team thoroughly and safely cleaned all tubes with automated boiler tube cleaning.


This process saved the customer valuable time and money as it was much faster than how it had been done prior, and saved passivation chemical and disposal costs. Both the manufacturer and the plant were extremely impressed with the professionalism and safety of the Thompson crew. Years ago, there had been a waterblast injury from hand-lancing at another facility at which the manufacturer had done work, so they were absolutely thrilled with the safety aspect of Thompson’s boiler tube automated system.

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