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Hydrolazing Services

Hydrolazing, also referred to as ultra high-pressure (UHP) hydroblasting, is one of our most powerful industrial cleaning processes. This procedure utilizes water under extremely high pressure to accomplish cleaning tasks that are beyond the scope of sandblasting and traditional water blasting tools. Our clients are regularly surprised and delighted at the quick, thorough results that are possible when this equipment is handled by safety-conscious, trained experts and coupled with our ever-increasing automated capabilities.


Our hydrolazing services rely on water pressurized to 40,000 PSI; as the water leaves the nozzle during cleaning, it is traveling at 1,600 feet per second. While the pressure is extremely high, the volume of water in a UHP hydroblasting application is very low—between two and four gallons of water per minute. The low total water volume minimizes environmental contamination and also allows our cleaning technicians to keep the surrounding area totally dry, vacuuming moisture and debris as an ongoing part of the cleaning process. The automated tooling and customizable features of our water blasting equipment give us the ability to focus on stripping walls, floors, piping, and other types of surfaces with specially designed approaches that save our clients time and money.


Hydrolazing quickly, thoroughly, and safely removes coatings of all types from surfaces, making it an ideal technique for the following applications, among others:

  • Surface preparation for new coatings
  • Pre-commissioning system component cleaning (e.g. steam piping, hydraulic & lube oil system)
  • Removal of multiple layers of paint
  • Buildup removal within piping
  • Abatement of lead paint
  • Preparation for UT and NDT inspections
  • Cleaning of process lines
  • Removal of non-skid coatings


Combining our automated solutions with the power of hydrolazing delivers two primary benefits for our clients. First, it dramatically increases the safety of using 40k hydroblasting tools. By taking the tools out of human hands and controlling them remotely with advanced machinery and positioning equipment, we minimize the potential negative effects of human error and keep our employees, our client’s employees, and our client’s facility safe.

In addition, our robotic equipment is far more precise and consistent than even the most skilled human technician. We can send our automated positioners into areas where humans cannot safely go, and they can stay there until the job is complete. We use both straight and flexible automated cleaning tracks, customizing each setup to perfectly match the cleaning job at hand.


Our hydrolazing services outperform less intense cleaning methods on a regular basis, both in the quality of the completed job and in the speed with which it is accomplished. Numerous projects that appeared at first to be impossible or prohibitively expensive have turned out to be perfect candidates for automated 40k hydroblasting. Some recent examples include:

  • Removal of 20+ paint layers from 30,000 square foot surface
  • Surface preparation of three miles of weld seams—finished five days early

Our expert, highly trained teams of hydrolazing technicians are ready to meet whatever challenge your facility presents, from coating removal and surface preparation to boiler tube striping and heat exchanger cleaning. To find out more about this efficient, powerful service, contact us today.

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