Pre-Commission Services

Thompson offers comprehensive pre-commissioning, custom-designed services with the expertise, precision execution and talented personnel dedication needed for the critical path phase of a new plant operational start-up.

Efficient, Custom-Engineered Pre-Commissioning Cleaning Services

Our team seamlessly partners with you to stay on-time and on-budget with extensive engineering and pre-planning, frequently by incorporating more efficient or cost-effective alternatives to conventional means. We offer complete turn-key or itemized services listed in our capabilities below.

We Understand the Importance

Although plants are erected utilizing all new equipment and materials, the components typically contain foreign deposits such as milling oil, rust, construction debris, weld splatter, dirt or even sub-surface contamination like chlorides or fluorides that can directly affect metallurgy and alloys during operating or under stress conditions.

Investing potentially tens of millions to billions of dollars to plan and erect new equipment or entire plants can be at risk near- and even long-term unless crucial pre-operational cleaning of select components are thoroughly and effectively cleaned to exacting standards.

In addition, minute microscopic-sized particles to <1 micron can detrimentally impact or even repeatedly shut down lubrication and hydraulic systems or cause catastrophic erosion damage to down-stream equipment such as turbine blades and rotors.

Also, a consideration for pre-commissioning is conditioning the metal and alloy surfaces that my need to be effectively “pickled” and/or passivated, and then preserved and protected for erection weeks or even months later.

Specific Capabilities

  • Process piping
  • System-wide cleaning such as LNG plants
  • Steam generation equipment – all inclusive
  • HRSGs
  • Condensate and feedwater systems
  • Turbine lube oil systems
  • Hydraulic systems such as, for example, steel mills


  • Oxygen and inert gas lines
  • Hydrolazing with automation
  • Ultra-high pressure (UHP) hydroblasting with automation
  • Sponge “soft abrasive” blasting on nearly all substrates with recyclability of media
  • Chemical cleaning with multitudes of methodologies, techniques and chemistries
  • Customized and adaptive solutions engineered for “impossible” problem scenarios

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