Construction Cleaning Support - Thompson Industrial Services

Construction Cleaning Support

Thompson is your go-to team from the very beginning of a facility’s lifecycle.

Safe, efficient construction phase industrial cleaning support

Thompson is the only resource our clients need across the entire lifecycle of a facility, beginning before there is even a facility on the site, eventually including roads, utilities, plant equipment and infrastructure.

Hydro + Pneumatic-Vacuum Excavation

As a site is being prepared for the construction of a manufacturing facility, power generation plant, or other industrial facility, Thompson Industrial Services can provide highly efficient and precise “safe dig” or “daylighting” services. for locating underground utilities, piping systems, distribution or telecommunication devices, and other sensitive components.

We offer highly versatile Hydro- and Pneumatic-vacuum excavation methods, allowing our teams the liberty to excavate in an enormous range of different contexts without jeopardizing the safety of the surrounding area. With both methods, we can even excavate from remote distances where typical “yellow iron” can’t reach. 

Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) 40K Hydrolazing

When you need to clean or cut the hardest of materials, you already have the resources you need with Thompson on-site. Our hydro-cutting team brings decades of experience and specialty automated equipment to engineer custom-designed jobs for site-specific needs. Learn more


  • Safely cuts steel up to 12” thick
  • Cuts concrete up to 30” thick with or without rebar
  • Meets your scarification needs + precision profiling of concrete
  • Reduces cleaning time and total cost
  • Efficient use of water
  • Safe in flammable areas or hazardous LEL environments
  • Cleans the hardest of material

At Thompson, we are a family.